"Whitworth Hats are amazing! They are fashionable, sun protective and durable. Our patients love them and keep coming back for the latest fashion forward options! We are grateful to have such beautiful and sun-smart hats to offer in our practice"

— Elizabeth K. Hale, M.D. and Julie K Karen, MD CompleteSkinMD

New York, NY

"As a dermatologist with a rather large head (and I don't mean egotistical ), I've struggled for years to find a comfortable, attractive hat to protect me from those harmful UV rays.  Thanks to Whitworth Hats, my problem is solved!  She offers an array of styles with the advantage of customization to make her clients the envy of NYC fashion (and sun damaged) elite.  I've recommended her designs to many of my patients, all of whom share my rave reviews."

-Jacqueline Beer, MD-

New York, NY

"As a physician I am concerned about my patients getting too much sun with it’s accumulation of ultraviolet rays leading to skin cancer and other skin diseases.For this reason I especially advise my patients to cover up and protect from harmful UV with Whitworth Hats. My wife and I wear Whitworth for the protection of our skin and eyes."

-Nicholas A Pace MD , New York City Internist .